Letters Of A Lifetime For Addie Lynn

December 16th 2014

It’s the only thing she really wanted.


A lot of them.

A lifetime of them to be exact.

But only because.

She was dying.

At least that’s what the doctor’s told her. And her family too.

Because at the age of 6.

Addie Lynn was diagnosed with a puzzling atrophy of her brain.

And at the age of 6.

She was told she was about to celebrate her very last Christmas.

And at the age of 6.

She decided what she wanted more than anything in the world? Was to receive a little Christmas note from any soul in the world who would send her one.

Because essentially:

So I sent Addie a Christmas card.

addie letter

To my main girl.

Complete with a note too:

Addy letter 2

In hopes that instead of helping Addie celebrate her last Christmas of all time, I could contribute to her best Christmas yet.

Give her both a lifetime of letters.

And the letters of a lifetime too.

Will you help me give Addie the best Christmas yet? Here’s the address (:

BOX 162

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