So You Want To Sleepover: The Panic Diaries – Girl Edition

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Alright. So you have those sleepovers. And I’m not talking gal pal- bros night sleepovers. I’m talking about the scandy ones with someone you wouldn’t mind doing questionable things to. . But here’s the thing. . They’re not your significant other. . They’re not even someone you’ve hooked up with before. . No no. This … Continue reading

My Craigslist Commentary 4

January 27th 2013 Behold: The newest fleet of strange requests that derive from an exceptional crop of craigslist weirdos. So far we’ve: Been offered a bowl of Darryl’s famous Bratato Salad Been asked to trade in some beef jerky and condoms in exchange for housing Been requested to sit in a bathtub full of noodles for … Continue reading

Your Effect On Me Is Incredible

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January 8th 2013 “I just really want to do it.” She was telling me her plans. Her ambitious, well-thought out plans as our foot steps rhythmically collided with the pavement carrying us down the illuminated streets of Park Ave. Nicole told me earlier that day that she was on this vendetta to “Take advantage of the … Continue reading

The Unsuccessful Bootstorm

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January 19th 2012 “Olive! Quick! It’s an emergency!” I looked uP at him from my designated keyboard. At my designated desk. In my designated office building. hovering My boss was                      over me with sincere desperation. He placed his hands on my desk and hung his … Continue reading

The Lovely Blog Award

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January 16th 2013 Well this is nice. About a week ago I received a notification that I had been nominated for an award. An award that looks like this: . And well. As it turns out. I won (: . . I’m very happy, and really incredibly grateful for the nod of appreciation and respect … Continue reading

Marco, Magicians, And Mass Nuggets: The Finale

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December 31st, 2012 You’re invited. To the magic show. That’s right. Per Al’s unlikely confession the following night, the magician was officially on his way. Please view your invitation below: Who? Magic Mike. An original Ninja waiter from our dinner location the night before that Al had ever so discreetly hired for our New Years … Continue reading

Marco And The Magician: Part 2

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December 30th 2012 It was pretty evident. After sifting through our acid trip round of karaoke photos, we were ready to take on day 2 of inexplicable shenanigans. We did basic things like eat lunch (at my favorite restaurant in NYC) The Meatball Shop , honoring their slogan of “We make balls!” whilst drawing collaborative masterpieces on … Continue reading

Marco: Part 1

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December 29th 2012 Calling all weirdos. . . The situation was this. . . . They were back. . . . They were all back. Al, Hallie, Brandon and Penny were once again standing at my doorstep for round 2 in attempts to top our New Years Eve Madness that had occurred just 1 year … Continue reading

Marco, Magicians And Mass McNuggets: The Prequel.

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His reaction was practically immediate. “I’m moving to New York,” I told him, “And I…I probably won’t be coming back…at least not for a while.” He looked at me. Surprised. Contemplative. Confused. And eventually after a few lingering moments had passed he looked at me again and said . “Party on.” . Rewind. Al Reade … Continue reading