17 Signs You Should Be In My Blog

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March 23rd,2013 The door slammed at approximately 2:37 a.m. And then I heard a voice. A deep, masculine voice…that said this: “Where is she?” Then I heard Kate’s  voice. Responding to the deep, masculine voice. And she said this: “Back door to the left.” Where was she leading him? Well. Normally you’d think that she … Continue reading

The Lunch Tables Of Lingerie

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March 25th 2013 Boobs, Bras, And Lacey Shit. Good. Now I have your attention. So listen. I was on the hunt for a pair of assless chaps the other day at the local Victoria Secret store (Or as as I like to call it “Panty Mountain” or “An endless supply of sparkly things to put … Continue reading

Impress Me

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June 30th 2012 . He didn’t like what I said. I knew he didn’t. I could tell. I probably wouldn’t have liked it either. But Someone had to tell him. Rewind. . I needed a break. From the city. Just for a second. Just 1 second. . northbound So I traveled         … Continue reading

The Trials And Tribulations Of Being A Wing Man

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March 15th, 2013 Well. You know what happened to me. As a wing woman, I mean. The time I was sacrificing all sorts of personal boundaries for the approval from the friendship gods. But what about the men? The wing men, I mean? Is it the same? Are they also heroically chucking themselves under the … Continue reading

My Craigslist Commentary 5

March 12, 2013 And this shit just keeps getting weirder & weirder. Craigslist Commentary 5 Starts Now: To the woman who crapped her pants in my car (hey) We met on Craigslist so I am hoping that this post finds you. (Winner!) I know that it could quite possibly be the most humiliating first date that … Continue reading

Everyone’s Off Getting Married And I’m Over Here…

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March 8th 2013 So You’re Married. That’s cool. I like that shit. Good tidings to you and all of your Tupperware. As for me? And my weird friends? We’re busy doing other things. Less romantic things. Much less stable things. And definitely less responsible things. Things that you’d think we’d be embarrassed to tell you. But we’re not. … Continue reading

Is This The Best You Can Do?

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May 7th 2011 “Turn around.” The mom was standing behind me.  She was pin    ning  my graduation gown and telling me to turn around and to please just hold still for one freakin second. That “Today is really important Olive, and you can’t look like a fool. Not this time.” I caught her reflection in … Continue reading