The Very Inspiring Blog Award

February 5th 2013

I’ll be honest. 

When I was told I was chosen for another award.


An award that looked like this:



I was just as honored and even more surprised than I was the first time.

Made me wondered what in the hell was going on.

Was it my sudden influx of:

Guy Sleepover posts

Girls sleepover posts

Off The wall play by plays of my wing woman episodes

Toilet clogging in the mountains


Or anything else involving my disintegrating decisions and increased absurdity?


But Then Again.

The award read “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.”

So maybe. Just maybe. It was my other stories. You know, the “inspire me” stories I wrote involving

The best homeless man I ever encountered

The best rejection I ever received

My Oprah internship nightmare

The time I interviewed a dying man


Or anything else involving simple ideas that were unpuzzled and repuzzled in a strange and interesting way


And then I was told

That this award really wasn’t about one person, one story, or one thing.

But rather

It was about all of you, reading all the stories, and appreciating the damn thing.



So Thanks.



You know, for all of that reading, and for appreciating of this damn thing. You guys are awesome. And with or without the award, the feelings remain exactly same. Didn’t you know? We’re officially in a serious blogging relationship , and well, I was thinking we could take this shit to the next level…



First and foremost I’d like to give a big thanks to the witty, comical and inspiring insights of who nominated me for this award! I appreciate your work, and am incredibly grateful that you appreciate mine.


As any acceptance goes with these blogging awards, I must abide by protocol and share 7 (more) secrets about myself. And furthermore, I will nominate 15 other bloggers that I think also deserve to be recognized for their awesome successes at shaking up this strange place we call the internet.

Let’s get weird.


7 (More) Secrets About Olivethepeople


1.  Once manned the “Outback Steakhouse” hotline at the tender age of 6.

That’s right.

When I wasn’t watering my local palm trees as a wasian tike, I was hanging in my Louisiana crib (literally) with a landline that shared a one digit difference with the local Outback steakhouse. Best believe anytime an accidental customer phoned our abode I would:

1. Answer with “G’day Mate”

2. Take their steak order (rare? medium? well done? We’re out of steak sauce but I can throw in some star fruit.)

3. Tell them pick up was in 7 minutes and if they were late I’d eat all their french fries

4. Hang the fuck up

…may or may not be partially responsible for the restaurant closing in 1995.

My bad about that closing...

My bad about that closing…



2. I’ve spent more of my life wearing crushed velvet and spandex than just about anything else.

I was a competitive gymnast from the age of 5-22. My first spandex violation provided below:


Buck tooth bangs. Awkward stance. Metallic choker. Resist me. I dare you.

Buck tooth bangs. Awkward stance. Metallic choker. Resist me. I dare you.


3. The first time I ever had a Dr. Pepper was in a Sam’s Club when I was 4. Changed my life.  Refused to leave the premises until I had least 5 more refills…I didn’t sleep for 3 days. #caffeine  #questionableparenting #weirddreamsinvolvingowls

June 18th, 1995.  The day I found love.

In an emotional love affair since 1995.


4. The shortest amount of time I’ve ever spent on a blog post is 3 days.

In fact. This post? That you’re reading right now? I wrote and rewrote it for 6 days. But only because I:

– Get up early

– Use every lunch break

– Stay after hours in the office and

– Go to sleep past 2 a.m. every damn night writing stories for you and for me.

It’s weird. And I love it.



5. I struggled with depression for 2 years.

I never told a single person. Partly because I embarrassed to admit it. And mostly because I didn’t really have anyone to tell. Writing was my therapy, more than I ever realized. In fact. I used to rank my happiness level on a scale of 1-10 every single day from 2005-2006 and write paragraphs explaining my ranking- in attempts to get better.

















6. Sometimes feel guilty for how happy I am now

I’m often told that I’m an upbeat, inexplicably hyper individual who is annoyingly positive. And when people tell me they’re unhappy with their life, I feel guilty. But then I remember how much I worked for my happiness, and how much I do to keep it around. And then I don’t feel so bad anymore.

I'm really freakin happy man.

I’m really freakin happy man.


7. Was accepted into my college university due to the amount of enjoyment the admissions office received when they read my essay about the time my cousin got her finger stuck in a toothbrush holder for 3 hours.

That’s about all I have to say about that.


And now for 15 bloggers (in no particular order) that I find “very inspiring” as well:

















Once again. Thanks again for reading about my ridiculous collection of shenanigans and reminding me that maybe these last 9 years of devoted writing, in my high school bedroom, college dorm room, NYC apartments, hotels, airplanes, cars, buses, mountains, in class, on my lunch break, on a rooftop, in a bar, waiting for my first job interview, before prom, in that coffee shop, by that park,  – wasn’t so scary to share with you guys after all. You kind of rock.

And now onto something more intriguing. Like a picture of this undercover cat:


13 responses

  1. Haha, that Outback Steakhouse anecdote is kind of amazing. And that’s so neat that writing was your healthy outlet during tough times. Now, that is really amazing.

    Thanks for the nom – and I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  2. Congratulations on a well deserved award! I am celebrating that we connected over the blogger miles. You have created an amazing blog and I am going to love our ongoing dialogue.

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