My Craigslist Commentary 6

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April 30th, 2013 I’ve collected the most recent batch of weirdos.  . Just for you bitches. . My Craigslist Commentary 6 starts in . 5 . 4 . 3 . Fuck it: Did you leave a prosthetic leg on the bus this morning? – (Yup.) . I found a prosthetic leg wearing a Lucchese brand cowboy … Continue reading

I Have A Confession

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April 24th 2013 . He was going away. . “I’m Leaving New York City. For good.” He said. “…At least I am for now. “ . raised We                         our glasses . Shane, Meg and I. At a restaurant on the lower east side named … Continue reading

I’ll Help You, If You Help Me

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October 11th, 2010 . I remember sitting at the table with a cinnamon roll and a glass of milk. . The table was long, pieced with glossy white tiles, and trimmed with a maple wood frame. . . . . I didn’t eat the cinnamon roll. . I just remember watching the icing spill over … Continue reading

10 Reasons Adulthood Left My Birthday Party

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April 19th 2013 Happy Birthday! . . A.k.a. . Happy – I exist because my rents apparently didn’t wrap it and I feel weird about that but I guess it’s all good because now I’m all alive and shit – Day . Happy – Put cake in my face – Day .. Happy – Was … Continue reading

Texting Etiquette 101

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April 18th, 2013 . Buzz. Buzz. . You’ve got a text. . You popular sonofabitch. . I got a text once. It was really great. My mom said – . Buzz Buzz. . …You’ve got another text. . No no. You go ahead. . I’ll just continue this conversation sola. . This seems important. . … Continue reading

So What Are You Doing With Your Life?

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April 28th 2011 . She was quiet. . And I knew why. . In fact. . I remember the day exactly. . We were walking home. The 4 of us. . Penny, Lana, Hallie and I . . From a birthday dinner that was located not so far away. We lived together, the 4 of … Continue reading

18 Pick Up Lines That May Or May Not Work

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April 9th 2013 So there you are. . You’re sittin. You’re chillin. You’re drunk. You’re sober. WHATEVER. . But either way. . You’re lookin good. . No no. . You’re lookin DAMN good. . And suddenly. . Some trick from . Left field . Slowly makes their way . In your direction . They stop. … Continue reading

Because Even Easter Needs A Pre-Game…

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 March 30th 2013 . I’ve never pre-gamed with elephants before. . Not real ones anyway. . But I did . Last weekend . And it was awesome. . Here’s what happened: . “Hey! Olive. It’s Meg. I’ve got extra tickets. Free tickets. To the circus. Wanna go?” . I relayed a not so casual . … Continue reading

The Subway Samaritan

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March 27th 2013 He was crazy. At least I thought so. At least at first. You see, I was standing on the subway train. In a green trench coat. Traveling home from Leah’s midtown apartment after an evening chock-full of good conversations and chocolate-dipped bananas when . <<<<< A Pelham Bay Park 6 Train Was Approaching … Continue reading