Your Not So Secret Search Engine

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June 28th 2013 .  I know something you don’t know. . . Creeped out yet? . Sweet. . So. . Every day I check the analytics behind this absurd blog. You know, just to see if shit’s running smoothly, people like my jokes (like my jokes) , AND FINALLY to figure out who the hell … Continue reading

13 Compliments That Really Suck

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June 20th 2013 . Good god. . It’s happening . There you are. . Doing this casual shenanigan where you’re chatting with another human existence. And shits going pretty awesomely mediocre a.k.a. It’s relatively interesting, but involving very little brain mojo. Like when you’re talking about cats or relaying general trust issues towards jello. . When … Continue reading

My Craigs List Commentary 7

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June 18th 2013 . Just so you know. . Those weird people? . On the internet? . They’re still fucking here! . (Myself included.) . Wtf do I mean? . Who are these assholes?! . . . . . Whoa, calm down. . What I mean is, after scanning the Craigslist archives 1 2 3 … Continue reading

That Brave Face Of Yours

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June 26th 2008 . “I shouldn’t be here, Dr. Williams.” . “It’s okay, Olive. You…you need to see this. If you’re planning on being a doctor someday…you need to see what you’re getting yourself into.” . “…Are you sure I’m allowed to be in here, Dr. Williams? Even…even as an intern? Are you sure this … Continue reading

The Reason Why I Did It

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July 5th 2009 . “Every once in a while I have an urge to do something completely backwards.” . I said to him as I grazed my hand along the metal railing peeking over the water’s edge. . We were in downtown Chicago, unraveling from spectacular vacation, cruising down the Wabash Ave bridge, satisfied in silence, … Continue reading

Things That Don’t Stay In Vegas

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May 31st 2013 . What happens in Vegas…doesn’t always stay in Vegas. . That line pertaining to the following 3 things: . 1. Aids . 2. Marriage . 3. This blog post: . Rewind. . A few short months ago I received a well-crafted, personalized text from my cousin Elisa inviting me to her Bachelorette … Continue reading