7 Reasons Girls Think Guys Are Out Of Their Damn Minds

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July 31st 2013 . I’ll admit it. . Girls are fucking nuts. . We’re batshit, emotional . . And lose our fucking minds over simple shit like  – a decent looking breakfast food: . . . BUT. . Guys are crazy as shit too. . Except this guy…This guy does everything right: . ANYWAY. . … Continue reading

The One Thing You Should Know About Yourself

February 5th 2008 . It was strange. . There I was. . floating Laying in my dorm room. Door locked. Late-night conversations              outside my door. As the chill, February air coasted through the open window >> between my hair and d o w n my naked legs. . As … Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Guys Think Girls Are Crazy

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July 22nd 2013 . Well what the shit.  . I guess I never really noticed it. . At least not at first. . Why guys think we lady friends are batshit. . And how we have no idea. . Let me break this down: . The other day I was exchanging banter with my 100% … Continue reading

My Inappropriate Plane Ride

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July 18th 2013 . So I’ve realized something. . . I’m restless as SHIT. . . So much in fact, I’ve been traveling like a maniac ALL OVER the damn place lately, leaving  a trail of classic “Olive The People” disaster on my way out like >>>> Vegas . DC . . Boston . The … Continue reading

Sexting Etiquette 101

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July 12th 2013 . Careful. . You’re naked and you’re feeling weird. . …And I am too. . Moving on. . So you’re sitting here. Jammin out with your clam out. Rockin out with your…rocks out. BEIN ALL LIKE: . Going apeshit in your lack of underpants to #usher when Suddenly it dawns on you. … Continue reading

Red, White, & Bachelor Party

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July 4th, 2013 . We had one rule and one rule only. . . . . . To throw America one hell of a birthday party . . . . And that was it. . . . Now, as you know. I’m not very good at following the rules. . But. . I’m happy to … Continue reading Continue reading

The Relentless Australian

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June 28th, 2013 . Bad things happen when I try to be classy. . That’s right. I tried it. Again. This whole “Be responsible, Olive”, “Get AHOLD of yourself, Olive.” “YOU’RE AN ADULT NOW, Olive” “NUTELLA IS NOT A REAL MEAL (except that it is), OLIVE.” “Go on vacation somewhere other than Panama City and … Continue reading

What John Mayer Said

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July 29th 2010 . I remember being at the grocery store when she asked me. . I remember, jamming out iPod style in the produce section, serenading the avocados and questionable eggplant to old school N’Sync When suddenly. . My pants vibrated with a phone call. It was my sister. She said. . “Hey! I’ve … Continue reading