That Brave Face Of Yours

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June 26th 2008 . “I shouldn’t be here, Dr. Williams.” . “It’s okay, Olive. You…you need to see this. If you’re planning on being a doctor someday…you need to see what you’re getting yourself into.” . “…Are you sure I’m allowed to be in here, Dr. Williams? Even…even as an intern? Are you sure this … Continue reading

The Reason Why I Did It

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July 5th 2009 . “Every once in a while I have an urge to do something completely backwards.” . I said to him as I grazed my hand along the metal railing peeking over the water’s edge. . We were in downtown Chicago, unraveling from spectacular vacation, cruising down the Wabash Ave bridge, satisfied in silence, … Continue reading

She Didn’t Know I Heard Her

March 23rd, 2011 Everyone stood in complete silence after he shoved her into the dining room table and watched as she tOpPlEd onto the wine-stained floor. . “You’re crazy!” She told him. “You’re crazy and you need help. And no one likes you anyway.” . This was not the way they intended the party to … Continue reading

I Have A Confession

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April 24th 2013 . He was going away. . “I’m Leaving New York City. For good.” He said. “…At least I am for now. “ . raised We                         our glasses . Shane, Meg and I. At a restaurant on the lower east side named … Continue reading

I’ll Help You, If You Help Me

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October 11th, 2010 . I remember sitting at the table with a cinnamon roll and a glass of milk. . The table was long, pieced with glossy white tiles, and trimmed with a maple wood frame. . . . . I didn’t eat the cinnamon roll. . I just remember watching the icing spill over … Continue reading

So What Are You Doing With Your Life?

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April 28th 2011 . She was quiet. . And I knew why. . In fact. . I remember the day exactly. . We were walking home. The 4 of us. . Penny, Lana, Hallie and I . . From a birthday dinner that was located not so far away. We lived together, the 4 of … Continue reading

The Subway Samaritan

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March 27th 2013 He was crazy. At least I thought so. At least at first. You see, I was standing on the subway train. In a green trench coat. Traveling home from Leah’s midtown apartment after an evening chock-full of good conversations and chocolate-dipped bananas when . <<<<< A Pelham Bay Park 6 Train Was Approaching … Continue reading

Impress Me

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June 30th 2012 . He didn’t like what I said. I knew he didn’t. I could tell. I probably wouldn’t have liked it either. But Someone had to tell him. Rewind. . I needed a break. From the city. Just for a second. Just 1 second. . northbound So I traveled         … Continue reading

Is This The Best You Can Do?

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May 7th 2011 “Turn around.” The mom was standing behind me.  She was pin    ning  my graduation gown and telling me to turn around and to please just hold still for one freakin second. That “Today is really important Olive, and you can’t look like a fool. Not this time.” I caught her reflection in … Continue reading