The 11 People I Met In Prague

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September 4th 2013 . I had a violent love affair once. . With the city of Prague. . . . Twas destination 2 of my  Eurotrip, you see and my sister and I were on a passionate endeavor to amp up our class after the unexpected shenanigans that happened at our european stop before –  like informing … Continue reading

2 Bridal Parties And A Breakfast Sandwich

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August 31st 2013 . Call it an addiction. . Or unusual luck. . But the wedding world and I always seem to . cross >> << paths. . No matter what country I’m in. . (Or what bar I’m at) . And the story goes like this: . . A couple of weeks ago my … Continue reading

In Response To Your Love Poem On The Stairs

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August 8th, 2013 . I love romantic shit. . But sometimes I ruin it… . Like the time I did this: . The other day I was commuting home from a long day of work, purposely pit-stopping to purchase a few cookies and a little milk along the way. . But only because . I … Continue reading

How to Make An Already Awkward Situation…Even More Awkward

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August 9th 2013 . Piles of resumes . were neatly stacked on my desk ____________________________________________ Sent >> from hopeful grads and undergrads eagerly applying for an internship at my fashion-forward company – unaware that they were really sprucing their resume up for… . An opportunity to intern for me. . Not only be my own … Continue reading

My Inappropriate Plane Ride

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July 18th 2013 . So I’ve realized something. . . I’m restless as SHIT. . . So much in fact, I’ve been traveling like a maniac ALL OVER the damn place lately, leaving  a trail of classic “Olive The People” disaster on my way out like >>>> Vegas . DC . . Boston . The … Continue reading

The Relentless Australian

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June 28th, 2013 . Bad things happen when I try to be classy. . That’s right. I tried it. Again. This whole “Be responsible, Olive”, “Get AHOLD of yourself, Olive.” “YOU’RE AN ADULT NOW, Olive” “NUTELLA IS NOT A REAL MEAL (except that it is), OLIVE.” “Go on vacation somewhere other than Panama City and … Continue reading

Things That Don’t Stay In Vegas

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May 31st 2013 . What happens in Vegas…doesn’t always stay in Vegas. . That line pertaining to the following 3 things: . 1. Aids . 2. Marriage . 3. This blog post: . Rewind. . A few short months ago I received a well-crafted, personalized text from my cousin Elisa inviting me to her Bachelorette … Continue reading

12 Ways I Would Choose To Go (If Given The Choice)

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May 10th 2013 . “FREE CHEESECAKE” . These potent words struck the hearts of every co-worker near and far as they echoed     t h r o u g h      my office hallways and into >  the ears of my fellow,ever hungry employees. Myself definitely included. . The story is this. . … Continue reading