Just A Heads Up About Your Dream Girl

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October 22nd 2013 . What a HOTTIE. . Your dream girl that is. . . . . Long, lustrous hair. Bombshell body. Killer appetite to hang with the boys: . …But a KICKASS bodice that somehow appears like she only shovels in fuckin quinoa. . . She’s funny, adorable, gleams at you like you’re her … Continue reading

There’s Something You Should Know About Mr. Right…

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October 8th 2013 . . No one had ever said it to me before.  . That: “Mr. Right doesn’t exist.” . . . That’s right. . Brian said it to me the other day as we were casually conversing about the expectations and insanities of: . Mr. And Mrs. Right. . . . . . “They’re just … Continue reading

Pick A Box. Any Box.

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September 15th 2013 . It’s a gamble if you really think about it. . You book a flight. You’re assigned a seat. And as you’re sitting in the gating area you . s     c      a     n  . The premises and imagine who your involuntary company will be for the … Continue reading

Her Unapproved Decision

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April 8th 2012 . = = = I was walking rather quickly. = = = . Down the cobblestone streets of SOHO New York. . When suddenly. . I heard a buzz in my pocket revealing a message that said this: . “Hey Olive, are you free? Can you meet up tonight?” – Leah 5: … Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Guys Think Girls Are Crazy

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July 22nd 2013 . Well what the shit.  . I guess I never really noticed it. . At least not at first. . Why guys think we lady friends are batshit. . And how we have no idea. . Let me break this down: . The other day I was exchanging banter with my 100% … Continue reading

So I Guess I’m Taking You On A Date: The Panic Diaries – Guy Edition

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May 31st 2013 . Boobs and ass. . Indeed, these are the initial ingredients responsible for my abrupt appearance in any decently attractive chick’s general direction. . . . . True, the success rate of prolonged lingering, choking for conversation, and laughing up a goddamn tornado every time this hoodrat laughs at her own jokes … Continue reading

So You Wanna Take Me On A Date: The Panic Diaries – Girl Edition

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May 23rd 2013 . So I like your face and you like mine. . THAT’S GOOD SHIT. . Often times, boys and girls make this spontaneous decision on a rather hourly basis and SOMETIMES they like each other’s faces well enough to go on what we like to label as a “date”. . But . … Continue reading

Everyone’s Off Getting Married And I’m Over Here…Pt. 2

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May 14th 2013 . Hey, it’s me. . What’s that? Am I hitched yet? . WHOA WHOA WHOA . STEP OFF. . No wait hold on come back. . Listen. I’m going to get my ass hat self married in a jif. Don’t you worry your little marital self. It’s just that, I’ve been really … Continue reading