My Craigs List Commentary 7

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June 18th 2013 . Just so you know. . Those weird people? . On the internet? . They’re still fucking here! . (Myself included.) . Wtf do I mean? . Who are these assholes?! . . . . . Whoa, calm down. . What I mean is, after scanning the Craigslist archives 1 2 3 … Continue reading

You’re Just In Time

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December 3rd 2012 “Final boarding call for flight 1372 to Charlotte, North Carolina” . Renee looked                   at her boarding pass. Shit. down Flight 1372 was departing at 12:59pm sharp. It was now 12:38pm. She took off >> sprinting towards terminal 6, beelining for Gate C30 in … Continue reading

Hey, Can You Drop Me Off?

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February 2nd, 2011 So. There was this treacherous time in my college career in which my entire campus was completely glazed over by a sheet of ice that most likely derived from the wrath of Mother Nature’s ice-cold soul. …alright… I can see how that was a little dramatic. I just wasn’t wearing a sweater … Continue reading

Stumble Out

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November 9th 2012 “Oh…Olive I didn’t realize you brought someone home last night.” popped I                         up in my bed in a panic Harper  was standing in my doorway with an amused look on her face I looked at her Then looked to my right. … Continue reading

Kate Middleton, The Ghostbusters, And Some Fries

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October 27th, 2012 So Halloween used to be cute And then it got weird And then I became some sort of variation of an adult and was all like Oh shit, a Halloween party? Costumes mandatory? Yeah I’m not going. What? Free booze and candy?…Oh okay I’ll just put this on. Anyway, now I’m not … Continue reading

Different Thing, Same Day

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August 8th, 2008 I could feel myself saying it. The same thing I said every time we talked. And it wasn’t that I didn’t mean it. Or that it wasn’t true. I just hated to say it. To say  “Oh. What’s new with me? Um you know…not too much over here. Just…same thing different day, … Continue reading