The 11 People I Met In Prague

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September 4th 2013 . I had a violent love affair once. . With the city of Prague. . . . Twas destination 2 of my  Eurotrip, you see and my sister and I were on a passionate endeavor to amp up our class after the unexpected shenanigans that happened at our european stop before –  like informing … Continue reading

Because Even Easter Needs A Pre-Game…

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 March 30th 2013 . I’ve never pre-gamed with elephants before. . Not real ones anyway. . But I did . Last weekend . And it was awesome. . Here’s what happened: . “Hey! Olive. It’s Meg. I’ve got extra tickets. Free tickets. To the circus. Wanna go?” . I relayed a not so casual . … Continue reading

Impress Me

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June 30th 2012 . He didn’t like what I said. I knew he didn’t. I could tell. I probably wouldn’t have liked it either. But Someone had to tell him. Rewind. . I needed a break. From the city. Just for a second. Just 1 second. . northbound So I traveled         … Continue reading

Everyone’s Off Getting Married And I’m Over Here…

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March 8th 2013 So You’re Married. That’s cool. I like that shit. Good tidings to you and all of your Tupperware. As for me? And my weird friends? We’re busy doing other things. Less romantic things. Much less stable things. And definitely less responsible things. Things that you’d think we’d be embarrassed to tell you. But we’re not. … Continue reading

The Trials And Tribulations Of Being A Wing Woman

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February 22nd 2013 “Listen to me. I just broke up with my boyfriend and I just want to get fucked up and hook up with someone. Are we clear?” I knew this phrase. And I knew it well. Spent many a weekend providing my most premium wing woman capabilities to every heartbroken/horny friend near and … Continue reading

Marco, Magicians, And Mass Nuggets: The Finale

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December 31st, 2012 You’re invited. To the magic show. That’s right. Per Al’s unlikely confession the following night, the magician was officially on his way. Please view your invitation below: Who? Magic Mike. An original Ninja waiter from our dinner location the night before that Al had ever so discreetly hired for our New Years … Continue reading

Marco, Magicians And Mass McNuggets: The Prequel.

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His reaction was practically immediate. “I’m moving to New York,” I told him, “And I…I probably won’t be coming back…at least not for a while.” He looked at me. Surprised. Contemplative. Confused. And eventually after a few lingering moments had passed he looked at me again and said . “Party on.” . Rewind. Al Reade … Continue reading

A Piano, Some Gin, And A Pack Of Sweaters

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December 15th 2012 Oops, I did it again. SantaCon. What’s SantaCon? This: “The annual mass gathering of people dressed in Santa  costumes parading publicly on streets and in bars in cities around the world. “(And in this case New York City) . . . So basically: . The debauchery of this event is intended to be … Continue reading

An Orphanage, An Engagement And A Transvestite.

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October 20th 2012 So when I was young and shit, I used to live in Louisiana for about 8 years or so before I packed up my slinkies, Tamagotchis and TY beanie baby amigos, and proceeded to peace the fuck out. I shuffled up North but found myself reminiscing for many years about the olden … Continue reading

Our Irish Disagreement

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October 19th, 2009 Note to self. Plane tickets that cost below $30 do not include the following things: 1. A trained pilot 2. Any shits about your survival 3. Any sort of heads up on landing thus making for a very startling plane-to-ground awakening, prompting the madame next to me to scream HOLY BLOODY FUCK … Continue reading