The Liebster Blog Award

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August 12th 2013 . I’ve got mail.  . The other day I was                  sifting through my Olive The People inbox when I stumbled upon a certain e-mail nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award. . . It was from a fellow blogger named Sarah, and in the … Continue reading

An Orphanage, An Engagement And A Transvestite.

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October 20th 2012 So when I was young and shit, I used to live in Louisiana for about 8 years or so before I packed up my slinkies, Tamagotchis and TY beanie baby amigos, and proceeded to peace the fuck out. I shuffled up North but found myself reminiscing for many years about the olden … Continue reading

Garage Detox

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May 7th 2011 These boxes are such assholes. The real world is waiting for me and I’m trapped in tower of boxes. “Clean out your room and take only what matters, or no dinner!” the mom says. I don’t normally function well off of threats. But when taco salad is involved…I’ll do just about anything. … Continue reading