How to Make An Already Awkward Situation…Even More Awkward

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August 9th 2013 . Piles of resumes . were neatly stacked on my desk ____________________________________________ Sent >> from hopeful grads and undergrads eagerly applying for an internship at my fashion-forward company – unaware that they were really sprucing their resume up for… . An opportunity to intern for me. . Not only be my own … Continue reading

Different Thing, Same Day

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August 8th, 2008 I could feel myself saying it. The same thing I said every time we talked. And it wasn’t that I didn’t mean it. Or that it wasn’t true. I just hated to say it. To say  “Oh. What’s new with me? Um you know…not too much over here. Just…same thing different day, … Continue reading

My Great Escape From Tompkins Square Park

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October 13th 2012 Sorry I’m late… “That’s alright Olive, where were you anyway?” Rewind. I should have known things would have taken a turn for the bizarre when 2 glasses into our vintage bottle of 2012 Malbec …I found myself doing things like this: And proceeded to pose with it like this: And whilst I … Continue reading