Good God It’s Great To Be A Woman

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August 27th 2013 . LADDDDDDDDIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS. . . Men. You too. . We’ve got some catching up to do. . All of us. . About some vital shit. . How men claim to get the better end of the gender bargain. . When we all know. . That simply isn’t true. . . And what I … Continue reading

So I Guess I’m Taking You On A Date: The Panic Diaries – Guy Edition

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May 31st 2013 . Boobs and ass. . Indeed, these are the initial ingredients responsible for my abrupt appearance in any decently attractive chick’s general direction. . . . . True, the success rate of prolonged lingering, choking for conversation, and laughing up a goddamn tornado every time this hoodrat laughs at her own jokes … Continue reading

So You Wanna Take Me On A Date: The Panic Diaries – Girl Edition

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May 23rd 2013 . So I like your face and you like mine. . THAT’S GOOD SHIT. . Often times, boys and girls make this spontaneous decision on a rather hourly basis and SOMETIMES they like each other’s faces well enough to go on what we like to label as a “date”. . But . … Continue reading

20 Reasons Graduating Doesn’t Blow

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May 3rd 2013 We need to talk. . You’re about to graduate. And you, my friend literally CANNOT HANDLE THAT SHIT. . . Well tough peaches. . This shit’s going down. . No matter how many beers you chug. Or bagels you eat. Or frat guys you spoon. . This shit is still.going.THE FUCK. down. … Continue reading

18 Pick Up Lines That May Or May Not Work

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April 9th 2013 So there you are. . You’re sittin. You’re chillin. You’re drunk. You’re sober. WHATEVER. . But either way. . You’re lookin good. . No no. . You’re lookin DAMN good. . And suddenly. . Some trick from . Left field . Slowly makes their way . In your direction . They stop. … Continue reading

You’re Dancing All Wrong

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August 23 2012 You’re dancing all wrong. Hasn’t anyone every told you that to ever be in a successful relationship, fling, interest, anything, that there are certain dance steps you should be taking? No? Well. …This makes sense… You’re welcome for the following guidelines. Mis-step and you’ll be sorry. You got that? Are you listening? … Continue reading

The Titanic, The Irish and a 2nd Grader

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August 4th 2012 Happy Birthday Harper. We made our debut on this fine, Saturday afternoon at a bottomless brunch at the Agave restaurant in lower Manhattan. The first scene of our brunch was reminiscent of a slow motion “Sex and the City” montage that looked like this: Bountiful margaritas, bloody maries, extra strong mimosas, heads … Continue reading