Pick A Box. Any Box.

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September 15th 2013 . It’s a gamble if you really think about it. . You book a flight. You’re assigned a seat. And as you’re sitting in the gating area you . s     c      a     n  . The premises and imagine who your involuntary company will be for the … Continue reading

The One Thing You Should Know About Yourself

February 5th 2008 . It was strange. . There I was. . floating Laying in my dorm room. Door locked. Late-night conversations              outside my door. As the chill, February air coasted through the open window >> between my hair and d o w n my naked legs. . As … Continue reading

So What Are You Doing With Your Life?

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April 28th 2011 . She was quiet. . And I knew why. . In fact. . I remember the day exactly. . We were walking home. The 4 of us. . Penny, Lana, Hallie and I . . From a birthday dinner that was located not so far away. We lived together, the 4 of … Continue reading

Good Luck! Good Job! Oh Okay.

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December 14th 2009 It was beautifully routine.  Somewhere over the course of the years my friend and I established a fairly balanced “keep in touch method.” You text me. I text you. You call me. I call you. You like my Facebook status. I’ll mentally like yours. And sometimes when miniature communication just didn’t seem … Continue reading

You Look Good In Change

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May 19th 2012 “I’m sorry, can you call your friend again? If he’s not here in the next 10 minutes…then we’re going to have to cancel his show.” . I called. No answer. Called again. No answer. Called one more time. Straight to voicemail. A few days before hand I had rallied my co-workers, friends … Continue reading

The Devil Wears A Purple Clutch

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June 14th 2011 There I was. 1 purple clutch in hand. In the pouring rain. And Gayle King was waiting for me. 15 minutes on the clock. Ready? Set? Run. Rewind. It started like any other ordinary day in the Oprah Magazine fashion closet. Send this. Organize that. Steam this. …Steam this again. When suddenly … Continue reading

To The Man In The Business Suit Across The Table

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March 2nd 2011 breath. Deep People do this all the time. You’ll nail it. Well, you better nail it. Get dressed. Look nice. But not too nice. Not like the “I’m trying too hard” nice. But the “I’m the one you want” nice. To the closet>>>>> Mmm…not that one. Not that one either… Yes! Stop! … Continue reading

Olive The Stories

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I’ll be honest. In the beginning of my blog endeavors, I fully anticipated adding a “Frequently asked questions” tab…until I swiftly realized that there is only 1 question… that I’m ever…frequently asked And it is this: “Olive, where the hell do all of these stories come from?” Rewind. December 18th 2004 She handed me this package … Continue reading