The Waiting Game Is Underrated

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August 1st 2008 . It was hot. . The flames flickered off of our faces . As         we      sat        around . The bonfire. The 4 of us. 1 year tainted from college. Basking mindlessly with high school friends, sipping out of solo cups, and reveling in the … Continue reading

What You Said In Room 117

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July 16th 2009 So there was this delusional time in my life when I was all like “OMG MED SCHOOL” And it rested in that contemplative period between “What the fuck do I want to do with my life and “What the FUCK do I want to do with my life.” I was: Broke Directionless Confused and … Continue reading

Garage Detox

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May 7th 2011 These boxes are such assholes. The real world is waiting for me and I’m trapped in tower of boxes. “Clean out your room and take only what matters, or no dinner!” the mom says. I don’t normally function well off of threats. But when taco salad is involved…I’ll do just about anything. … Continue reading