The Anatomy Of Guilt

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December 14th 2012 . I remember sitting in silence in my office chair when I heard the news. . . . My heart dropped. . It normally did when these things happened. An unfortunate normality for NYC. . But this incident. . Was a little different. . And the story goes like this: . Ki-Suck … Continue reading

That Brave Face Of Yours

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June 26th 2008 . “I shouldn’t be here, Dr. Williams.” . “It’s okay, Olive. You…you need to see this. If you’re planning on being a doctor someday…you need to see what you’re getting yourself into.” . “…Are you sure I’m allowed to be in here, Dr. Williams? Even…even as an intern? Are you sure this … Continue reading

Things That Don’t Stay In Vegas

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May 31st 2013 . What happens in Vegas…doesn’t always stay in Vegas. . That line pertaining to the following 3 things: . 1. Aids . 2. Marriage . 3. This blog post: . Rewind. . A few short months ago I received a well-crafted, personalized text from my cousin Elisa inviting me to her Bachelorette … Continue reading

Is This The Best You Can Do?

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May 7th 2011 “Turn around.” The mom was standing behind me.  She was pin    ning  my graduation gown and telling me to turn around and to please just hold still for one freakin second. That “Today is really important Olive, and you can’t look like a fool. Not this time.” I caught her reflection in … Continue reading

You Mean Nothing To Me, But You Mean Everything To Them

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April 2nd, 2012 I never recognize a single person.  But that’s normal. On the subways. In a store. Down the street. Just a lot of strangers, you know? But they’re not strangers to everyone.  In fact, maybe the person who’s sitting next to me on the train, standing in the same shoe aisle, sharing a … Continue reading

Cranmerry Christmas

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December 25, 2012 Tis the season to eat mali. Just kiddinggg. To be jolly. And I was quite jolly. As jolly as one can being sandwiched between an overweight man and the window on a flight back to the city on christmas morning. But don’t feel bad for me. That man kept me relatively warm … Continue reading