Just A Heads Up About Your Dream Girl

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October 22nd 2013 . What a HOTTIE. . Your dream girl that is. . . . . Long, lustrous hair. Bombshell body. Killer appetite to hang with the boys: . …But a KICKASS bodice that somehow appears like she only shovels in fuckin quinoa. . . She’s funny, adorable, gleams at you like you’re her … Continue reading

A Snap Chat Apology

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August 29th 2013 . He’s out of control. . “This guy”, I mean. . . . Thing is, a few months ago I told you of my snap chatting endeavors with my fellow  snap chattin friends. . How it started with mature, worthwhile banter like this: . . . And consequently turned into an ongoing … Continue reading

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Man

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August 20th, 2013 . Being a man fuckin rocks. . …At least that’s what my man friends tell me. . . But after a kick ass brainstorm, discussion and  ongoing e-mail thread confessing a slew of my guys firend’s badass ways, they requested I keep these confessions to myself because well, . “I don’t want … Continue reading

How to Make An Already Awkward Situation…Even More Awkward

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August 9th 2013 . Piles of resumes . were neatly stacked on my desk ____________________________________________ Sent >> from hopeful grads and undergrads eagerly applying for an internship at my fashion-forward company – unaware that they were really sprucing their resume up for… . An opportunity to intern for me. . Not only be my own … Continue reading

7 Reasons Girls Think Guys Are Out Of Their Damn Minds

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July 31st 2013 . I’ll admit it. . Girls are fucking nuts. . We’re batshit, emotional . . And lose our fucking minds over simple shit like  – a decent looking breakfast food: . . . BUT. . Guys are crazy as shit too. . Except this guy…This guy does everything right: . ANYWAY. . … Continue reading

My Inappropriate Plane Ride

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July 18th 2013 . So I’ve realized something. . . I’m restless as SHIT. . . So much in fact, I’ve been traveling like a maniac ALL OVER the damn place lately, leaving  a trail of classic “Olive The People” disaster on my way out like >>>> Vegas . DC . . Boston . The … Continue reading

Sexting Etiquette 101

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July 12th 2013 . Careful. . You’re naked and you’re feeling weird. . …And I am too. . Moving on. . So you’re sitting here. Jammin out with your clam out. Rockin out with your…rocks out. BEIN ALL LIKE: . Going apeshit in your lack of underpants to #usher when Suddenly it dawns on you. … Continue reading