The Waiting Game Is Underrated

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August 1st 2008 . It was hot. . The flames flickered off of our faces . As         we      sat        around . The bonfire. The 4 of us. 1 year tainted from college. Basking mindlessly with high school friends, sipping out of solo cups, and reveling in the … Continue reading

20 Reasons Graduating Doesn’t Blow

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May 3rd 2013 We need to talk. . You’re about to graduate. And you, my friend literally CANNOT HANDLE THAT SHIT. . . Well tough peaches. . This shit’s going down. . No matter how many beers you chug. Or bagels you eat. Or frat guys you spoon. . This shit is still.going.THE FUCK. down. … Continue reading

To The Man In The Business Suit Across The Table

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March 2nd 2011 breath. Deep People do this all the time. You’ll nail it. Well, you better nail it. Get dressed. Look nice. But not too nice. Not like the “I’m trying too hard” nice. But the “I’m the one you want” nice. To the closet>>>>> Mmm…not that one. Not that one either… Yes! Stop! … Continue reading