The Waiting Game Is Underrated

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August 1st 2008 . It was hot. . The flames flickered off of our faces . As         we      sat        around . The bonfire. The 4 of us. 1 year tainted from college. Basking mindlessly with high school friends, sipping out of solo cups, and reveling in the … Continue reading

How to Make An Already Awkward Situation…Even More Awkward

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August 9th 2013 . Piles of resumes . were neatly stacked on my desk ____________________________________________ Sent >> from hopeful grads and undergrads eagerly applying for an internship at my fashion-forward company – unaware that they were really sprucing their resume up for… . An opportunity to intern for me. . Not only be my own … Continue reading

The One Thing You Should Know About Yourself

February 5th 2008 . It was strange. . There I was. . floating Laying in my dorm room. Door locked. Late-night conversations              outside my door. As the chill, February air coasted through the open window >> between my hair and d o w n my naked legs. . As … Continue reading

So What Are You Doing With Your Life?

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April 28th 2011 . She was quiet. . And I knew why. . In fact. . I remember the day exactly. . We were walking home. The 4 of us. . Penny, Lana, Hallie and I . . From a birthday dinner that was located not so far away. We lived together, the 4 of … Continue reading

Everyone’s Off Getting Married And I’m Over Here…

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March 8th 2013 So You’re Married. That’s cool. I like that shit. Good tidings to you and all of your Tupperware. As for me? And my weird friends? We’re busy doing other things. Less romantic things. Much less stable things. And definitely less responsible things. Things that you’d think we’d be embarrassed to tell you. But we’re not. … Continue reading

Is This The Best You Can Do?

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May 7th 2011 “Turn around.” The mom was standing behind me.  She was pin    ning  my graduation gown and telling me to turn around and to please just hold still for one freakin second. That “Today is really important Olive, and you can’t look like a fool. Not this time.” I caught her reflection in … Continue reading

Your Effect On Me Is Incredible

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January 8th 2013 “I just really want to do it.” She was telling me her plans. Her ambitious, well-thought out plans as our foot steps rhythmically collided with the pavement carrying us down the illuminated streets of Park Ave. Nicole told me earlier that day that she was on this vendetta to “Take advantage of the … Continue reading

This Is How Successful You Are

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December 7th, 2006 It was perfect clockwork.  Every year the mom took (dragged) my sister and I to her holiday company party where we would take painful pictures that looked like this: Which, I’ll be honest, I only got my sister’s permission to use this pic by agreeing to follow it up with a recent … Continue reading

Different Thing, Same Day

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August 8th, 2008 I could feel myself saying it. The same thing I said every time we talked. And it wasn’t that I didn’t mean it. Or that it wasn’t true. I just hated to say it. To say  “Oh. What’s new with me? Um you know…not too much over here. Just…same thing different day, … Continue reading

Your Hat Is Inspirational

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The air was crisp, the birds were singing, my pace was brisk, and Suddenly. Out of the corner of my eye << I spotted an old woman…with a walker…  >>> surpassing me. No. Distraught and impressed, I immediately began to compose a tweet about the amazing/upsetting phenomena that was unraveling before my very eyes …until … Continue reading