Her Unapproved Decision

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April 8th 2012 . = = = I was walking rather quickly. = = = . Down the cobblestone streets of SOHO New York. . When suddenly. . I heard a buzz in my pocket revealing a message that said this: . “Hey Olive, are you free? Can you meet up tonight?” – Leah 5: … Continue reading

My Craigs List Commentary 7

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June 18th 2013 . Just so you know. . Those weird people? . On the internet? . They’re still fucking here! . (Myself included.) . Wtf do I mean? . Who are these assholes?! . . . . . Whoa, calm down. . What I mean is, after scanning the Craigslist archives 1 2 3 … Continue reading

I Have A Confession

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April 24th 2013 . He was going away. . “I’m Leaving New York City. For good.” He said. “…At least I am for now. “ . raised We                         our glasses . Shane, Meg and I. At a restaurant on the lower east side named … Continue reading

Because Even Easter Needs A Pre-Game…

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 March 30th 2013 . I’ve never pre-gamed with elephants before. . Not real ones anyway. . But I did . Last weekend . And it was awesome. . Here’s what happened: . “Hey! Olive. It’s Meg. I’ve got extra tickets. Free tickets. To the circus. Wanna go?” . I relayed a not so casual . … Continue reading

The Trials And Tribulations Of Being A Wing Man

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March 15th, 2013 Well. You know what happened to me. As a wing woman, I mean. The time I was sacrificing all sorts of personal boundaries for the approval from the friendship gods. But what about the men? The wing men, I mean? Is it the same? Are they also heroically chucking themselves under the … Continue reading

Everyone’s Off Getting Married And I’m Over Here…

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March 8th 2013 So You’re Married. That’s cool. I like that shit. Good tidings to you and all of your Tupperware. As for me? And my weird friends? We’re busy doing other things. Less romantic things. Much less stable things. And definitely less responsible things. Things that you’d think we’d be embarrassed to tell you. But we’re not. … Continue reading

The Trials And Tribulations Of Being A Wing Woman

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February 22nd 2013 “Listen to me. I just broke up with my boyfriend and I just want to get fucked up and hook up with someone. Are we clear?” I knew this phrase. And I knew it well. Spent many a weekend providing my most premium wing woman capabilities to every heartbroken/horny friend near and … Continue reading

Your Effect On Me Is Incredible

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January 8th 2013 “I just really want to do it.” She was telling me her plans. Her ambitious, well-thought out plans as our foot steps rhythmically collided with the pavement carrying us down the illuminated streets of Park Ave. Nicole told me earlier that day that she was on this vendetta to “Take advantage of the … Continue reading

You Look Good In Change

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May 19th 2012 “I’m sorry, can you call your friend again? If he’s not here in the next 10 minutes…then we’re going to have to cancel his show.” . I called. No answer. Called again. No answer. Called one more time. Straight to voicemail. A few days before hand I had rallied my co-workers, friends … Continue reading