There’s Something You Should Know About Mr. Right…

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October 8th 2013 . . No one had ever said it to me before.  . That: “Mr. Right doesn’t exist.” . . . That’s right. . Brian said it to me the other day as we were casually conversing about the expectations and insanities of: . Mr. And Mrs. Right. . . . . . “They’re just … Continue reading

Good God It’s Great To Be A Woman

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August 27th 2013 . LADDDDDDDDIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS. . . Men. You too. . We’ve got some catching up to do. . All of us. . About some vital shit. . How men claim to get the better end of the gender bargain. . When we all know. . That simply isn’t true. . . And what I … Continue reading

The Anatomy Of Guilt

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December 14th 2012 . I remember sitting in silence in my office chair when I heard the news. . . . My heart dropped. . It normally did when these things happened. An unfortunate normality for NYC. . But this incident. . Was a little different. . And the story goes like this: . Ki-Suck … Continue reading

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Man

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August 20th, 2013 . Being a man fuckin rocks. . …At least that’s what my man friends tell me. . . But after a kick ass brainstorm, discussion and  ongoing e-mail thread confessing a slew of my guys firend’s badass ways, they requested I keep these confessions to myself because well, . “I don’t want … Continue reading

Her Unapproved Decision

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April 8th 2012 . = = = I was walking rather quickly. = = = . Down the cobblestone streets of SOHO New York. . When suddenly. . I heard a buzz in my pocket revealing a message that said this: . “Hey Olive, are you free? Can you meet up tonight?” – Leah 5: … Continue reading

7 Reasons Girls Think Guys Are Out Of Their Damn Minds

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July 31st 2013 . I’ll admit it. . Girls are fucking nuts. . We’re batshit, emotional . . And lose our fucking minds over simple shit like  – a decent looking breakfast food: . . . BUT. . Guys are crazy as shit too. . Except this guy…This guy does everything right: . ANYWAY. . … Continue reading

So I Guess I’m Taking You On A Date: The Panic Diaries – Guy Edition

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May 31st 2013 . Boobs and ass. . Indeed, these are the initial ingredients responsible for my abrupt appearance in any decently attractive chick’s general direction. . . . . True, the success rate of prolonged lingering, choking for conversation, and laughing up a goddamn tornado every time this hoodrat laughs at her own jokes … Continue reading

Texting Etiquette 101

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April 18th, 2013 . Buzz. Buzz. . You’ve got a text. . You popular sonofabitch. . I got a text once. It was really great. My mom said – . Buzz Buzz. . …You’ve got another text. . No no. You go ahead. . I’ll just continue this conversation sola. . This seems important. . … Continue reading