She Didn’t Know I Heard Her

March 23rd, 2011 Everyone stood in complete silence after he shoved her into the dining room table and watched as she tOpPlEd onto the wine-stained floor. . “You’re crazy!” She told him. “You’re crazy and you need help. And no one likes you anyway.” . This was not the way they intended the party to … Continue reading

The Subway Samaritan

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March 27th 2013 He was crazy. At least I thought so. At least at first. You see, I was standing on the subway train. In a green trench coat. Traveling home from Leah’s midtown apartment after an evening chock-full of good conversations and chocolate-dipped bananas when . <<<<< A Pelham Bay Park 6 Train Was Approaching … Continue reading

The Lunch Tables Of Lingerie

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March 25th 2013 Boobs, Bras, And Lacey Shit. Good. Now I have your attention. So listen. I was on the hunt for a pair of assless chaps the other day at the local Victoria Secret store (Or as as I like to call it “Panty Mountain” or “An endless supply of sparkly things to put … Continue reading

2 Hipsters And A Guy Named Jeff

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October 16th, 2012 Here’s what happened. Just a week a half prior Krissy, Charlie and Olive were frolicking across the Alphabet City premises at approximately 12: 21 a.m.,  when Olive and about 3 shots of Jack Daniel’s screamed something like “OMG JULES JAZZ BAR” What is Jules Jazz Bar, you say? A great question. I’m not … Continue reading